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Factoid: Dull shears can cause split ends because the shears can rip the hair as it cuts.

Q. The question I get asked most often is how often should I
get my shears sharpened?

A. Under heavy use suppliers suggest you get your shears
A. sharpened 3 to 4 times a year

Q. Another question I often hear is how do I know when my
Q. scissors are dull?

A. As a stylists you will notice the hair bend between the
blades or be pushed by the blades as the shears get dull.
Because shears go dull slowly over time, it is difficult to
A. notice just when your scissors are dull.

Many stylists that wait more than 6 months between shear sharpening often comment on how dull their scissors actually were.

*  There is also a wet puff tissue test available

Factoid: Dull shears can cause the stylist to put side pressure on the blades causing undue stress to your muscles.

Proper Care of Your New Bonika Shears
Your new scissors will give you years of service if you properly care for them.

* Oil your pivot screw daily with the proper sumo scissor oil
* Clean your scissors often with a soft cloth & rubbing alcohol
* Store your scissors in a breathable case or the one that *
came with your shears
* Adjust the scissors when necessary
* Sharpen your shears on a regular basis using a certified
* Bonika scissor sharpener

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