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Sharpening Convex Edge Shears, AKA Japanese Style Shears or Salon Shears

* Sharpening is done on the Scimech flat hone
* Convex edge scissor must be sharpened on a flat
* hone using the proper procedure for excellent results
* Scissor should be inspected for damage before
* disassembly
* The outside edge is convex must be shaped, sharpened
* and shined using the proper micron pads

* The inside edge is hollow ground must be hand honed on
* the correct Japanese water stone
* The scissor is then assembled, tested, adjusted & cleaned
* The blades may also be polished depending on the design

Sharpening can either lengthen or shorten the life of quality shears. An incorrect sharpening such as applying a bevelled edge on a convex blade, removing an excess amount of metal or overheating and burning tips, can reduce the life of high quality shears, even ruining them.

Sharpening Clipper Blades
* Clipper blades are sharpened on flat hone using grit instead
* of micron paper discs
* The procedure creates a lot of dust and cannot be done on
* site like scissor sharpening

NEW SERVICE: Clipper Blade Sharpening for
Pet Groomers + Veterinarians Clinics (PDF)

* Sharpening a pair of Convex Edge Shears on the Scimech Flat Hone
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